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The deepest Russian mine was put into operation

21 April 2015

«Rusal» has launched work processes at the mine «Cheremukhovskoye-Deep» by entering Iy starting complex into operation. The mine belongs to the North-Ural Bauxite Mine is the deepest in Russia, reaching 1,550 meters. Globally, it is in the top five of the deepest mines. In «Cheremukhovskoye-deep» has already invested more than 5.8 billion. RUB. Mine when you enter it into operation will allow to develop new sources of ore. At the same time the cost of bauxite in the North Urals mine will fall by 15%. Already uncovered bauxite deposits in the order of 42 million. Tons.

The active phase of construction occurred back in 2010. The «Cheremukhovskoye-Deep» — the first mine opened in the Northern Urals in the past decade. According to Vladislav Soloviev, General Director of «Rusal», annual production at the mine bauxite amount to about 1.2 million. Tons. This number reaches about 50% of the total mine production. The production capacity of the mine is so high that it can provide not only the development of Severouralsk. Under its influence, and gets Krasnoturinsk theologically aluminum plant, which received 95% of the bauxite fed.

This project is one of a kind. The new mine has a copro with three lifting machines. Their purpose — lifting materials and people, transportation of ore and rock. Such ingenious solution allowed us to construct only one DAC. Today started up Iy starting complex object with underground and ground structures. 2nd start-up complex according to preliminary estimates will be launched in 2016. Its equipment will rise ore. Issuance of bauxite will be carried out by means of two skips. It provided for the construction of an iron-site roads and highways. In addition, the projected improvement of the adjacent territory. Introduction to the third starting complex is planned for 2017. According to preliminary calculations of the complex will lift installation. It is equipped with a 2-storeyed mill, which is the capacity for each floor of 40 people. The complex will include venilyatornuyu ventilation south trunk. In general, the construction of the second and the third set is calculated to spend more than 1.5 billion. RUB.

In case of successful completion of the project can be expected for at least 40 years of uninterrupted operation of the mine. In addition, the efficient operation of the North-Ural mine in the long run will be organized.

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