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Japan steel exports continue to grow

25 March 2015

Japan's Ministry of Finance has published data on exports of stainless steel. According to them, the volume of exports of stainless steel from the beginning of the new year continues to grow. To date, the number of exported steel is not too exaggerated relative to the December 2014 figures. In January 2015, the volume of stainless steel exports reached 86,504 tons. This is 2.9% more than the 84,066 tons exported in December.

The leading consumer of Japanese stainless steel products to China. Exports in this area reached 18,275 tons. This figure is more than 21% of the total monthly volume exported from Japan stainless steel. However, compared to the amount exported in December 2014 China's stainless steel indices fell by 20.2%. The second place is occupied by South Korea. In this area of ​​Japan were exported 15 089 tons of products. Compared to December, an increase of 28.2%. Next is Taiwan, which imported 10,137 tons of Japanese stainless steel. In this performance the previous month fell by 9.3%. The cost of production of export stainless Japan in January 2015, reached 3770 USD / ton. Compared with the December figures, prices decreased by 0.6%. The total income from the export of stainless steel in January amounted to 326.12 million. USD.

According to the Ministry of Finance of Japan's January figures of exports and imports of steel products into the country declined relative to December 2014 export volume amounted to 3414 thousand. Tons, which is 10.2% lower than the results of last month. However, compared to the same period last year the volume of exports of steel grew by 4.2%. Income from steel exports reached 336.40 billion. Yen. This figure is almost 10% more than in the previous period. Exports began in Asia amounted to 2612 thousand. Tons, increasing by 0.8%. This figure is higher than ¾ of the total volume in January of Japan were exported. At the same time exports to China over the last month decreased by 12% year on year.

Imports of steel in January of this year has reached 713 thousand. Tonnes. Regarding the December 2014 figures have fallen by 2.3%. As compared to January 2014 results decreased by 18.8%. Imports from Asian countries amounted to 617 thousand tons -. 86% is imported to Japan. The January shipments from Asia over the last month decreased by 17% compared to last year. The volume of imports from China increased by 0.6% to 178 thousand. Tonnes. Imports from the US increased by 40% per annum to the level of 1 ths. Tons.

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