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"Electrozink" decided on plans for 2015

30 March 2015

«Electrozink», a part of UMMC, this year intends to keep production figures in 2014 with a slight increase in production. Release of zinc ingots increased by 1.96% compared to 2014 to a level of 55.782 tons. Release of lead will conform to the figures in 2014. Increase was only 0.11%, the volume reached the level of 13.863 tons. However, implementation of such a plan is possible, while maintaining the current economic situation. According to Dmitry Binder, Chief Engineer «Electrozink» in the management plan is to increase the recovery of zinc from raw materials to 1% in 2015. Thus, the extraction of zinc from concentrate would be 95%. For the realization of this project will require some effort. The main task will be strict adherence to technology in order to avoid spillage.

In the current year it is planned to increase the volume and the recovered lead from 81% to 84% through the use of lead scrap for recycling. Last year, this strategy «Electrozink» was not used. Another item developed plan — processing accumulated over previous years sludge.

According to Eugene Poroshin, Director of Economics and Planning, this year the sale of goods «Electrozink» will be more than 4 billion. RUB. Profit will be about 731 mln. RUB. In general, the financial index in 2015 will reach 390 million. RUB with net profit of 260 million. RUB. The repair fund allocated about 296 million. RUB. Investments in capital construction will amount to 185 mln. RUB. However, the main investments will be directed to a sulfuric acid plant. It is planned to carry out works to ensure full utilization of the burning gases. Also planned measures to improve the environmental background in Vladikavkaz. They include strengthening of the excavation, the construction of the drying tower and the construction of the basement under the exhaust gas pipe. In addition, it provides for the end of construction work in the new washing section.

According to Igor Khadyka, General Director of «Electrozink», the main task of the company is to reduce the cost of goods. This is planned to increase economies of indicators tehpromfinplana. In order to achieve these objectives was drawn up an action plan aimed at saving resources. Provision and reduction of production costs, optimize the cost of services of contractors.

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