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In 2014, Russia increased the volumes of export of ferroalloys

23 March 2015

By providing statistical data, in 2014 the volume of Russian exports of ferrosilicon increased significantly. Compared with 2013 year increase of 7.2%, reaching the level of 426 162 tonnes against 397 738 tonnes. The December figures for exports of ferrosilicon exceeded results in November 2014, amounting to 37 573 tonnes. Ferrosilicon is used as a deoxidizing and alloying agent in the manufacture of electrical, heat-resistant, and corrosion stability, spring steels. It produces ferrosilicon in arc furnaces.

The main consumer of Russian ferrosilicon in 2014 were the Netherlands. Volumes sent for export ferrosilicon amounted to 116,835 tons. Compared with the results of 2013, when exports amounted to 100,557 tons, the figures rose by 16.20%. Also the products was in the direction of Japan in the amount of 102 890 tonnes, Turkey — 37 829 tons, and South Korea — 68 526 tons. Volumes shipped in the United States, remained stable. Moreover, for export did not affect attempts by the US administration to set anti-dumping duties on Russian products. A positive aspect has been a sharp increase in export volumes in the direction of Brazil and the Netherlands.

The December figures for exports of ferrosilicon were slightly higher than the results of November, when the number of dispatched production reached the level of 37,192 tonnes. Exports to the Netherlands, the main consumer of December amounted to 11 101 tonnes. In November, the number of sent ferrosilicon totaled 8675 tons, so the growth has reached 28%. The other main importers of December 2014 were Japan, will require 9945 tonnes, India — 2919 tons, and South Korea — 4428 tons.

Export alloy low-carbon ferrochrome in 2014 increased by 10.5% to reach 216,849 tons versus 2013. Consequently, the export volumes of low-carbon ferrochrome in 2013 amounted to 196 216 tonnes. The number of exports towards Holland, Japan and China have increased significantly. Deliveries in the South Korea and the European region have decreased significantly. The main consumer of Russian ferrochrome Netherlands began in 2014. In this direction, the level of exports reached 75 928 Mill. Tons. The average cost of production in this case was 2271,85 USD / ton. Regarding the indicators of 2013, when exports reached a level of 67 079 tonnes, results improved by 13.2%. Exports of high-carbon alloys decreased to the level of 129 685 tonnes against 164 741 tonnes in 2013, falling to 21.3%.

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