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The automotive industry anywhere without steel

16 February 2015

According to the experts division of the American Institute of iron and steel, the new brand will help to maintain the existing level of 60% in the use of steel materials that are used in the automotive industry. According to president, began being developed for the transport sector 2018−2020gg., Will have a distinct advantage over existing materials, both in performance and price. Given the growing need to reduce fuel consumption, automakers focus on materials that could reduce the weight of the structure. Steel is also among the materials. Modern steel for superior strength aluminum is 3−5 times stronger than steel and much used, but 10 years ago the automotive industry. This is not surprising, given the trends in the industry, designed to increase fuel efficiency by more ductile, strong and light alloys. Steel in all these areas are able to get the best results compared to alternative materials.

At the moment, the share of advanced high-strength steels takes only 40−50% in the automobile industry. For the production of panels and most of the structure of manufacturers continue to use traditional steel. This weight reduction can already be achieved through the use of already developed advanced steels. Representatives unit believed that for use in new steels fully developed for the automotive industry, require a minimum of several years. Steel products to be used with the segment of higher quality. Because the new steels must be an advantage over other materials.

In general, in the steel industry in 2014, the Association of small growth smelting at 1.1% of steel is marked with respect to 2013. Countries ES last year produced 169 243 000. Tonnes. This figure is 1.8% higher than the results of 2013, when production reached 166.311 tons. Other European countries produced 36,194,000. Tons of steel (crude). In 2013, the figures were higher by 0.8%, which amounted to 36,477,000. Tons. CIS countries decreased steel production by 2.8% to reach 105.089 million. Tons. In 2013, the figure was 108,083,000. Tons. The negative trend is caused by the decrease in the production of Ukrainian steel.

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