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"Tatprof" change the pricing policy

13 January 2015

The company «Tatprof», Republic of Tatarstan, decided to change its own pricing policy. The changes have become a necessity due to the unstable economy of the country and a «floating» exchange rate. Since November 2014, according to the press release issued, invoices and payment records of goods exhibited in USD. Payment is accepted in RUB at the exchange rate of the Russian Central Bank on the day of debiting the funds from the buyer's account. Prices of «TATPROF» today are formed in the currency and fixed on the 1st day of the month. However, «Tatprof» is no exception — extrusion companies producing a profile in Russia, to the same extent depend on the «Rusal». As for prices, they can be reviewed several times a week. For example, the day rate increased by 10%. If the cost will not be reviewed in the same day, the company expects the direct loss of 10% with a single order of the day. Hence, the constant change of price tags, which can be changed, even retroactively. Given the above, it is possible to consider the proposed «TATPROF» pricing system more understandable and user-friendly along with transparency.

In general, the situation in the market of aluminum profiles is quite predictable and meets the trend of the construction season. According to Eugene Rachkova, is CEO of «TATPROF», in 2014 there were no any drastic changes. In October, «Tatprof» produced 3900 tons of aluminum profiles. This is higher than in September by 10%, and higher than the results in October 2013 by 7%. In October and November, «Tatprof» continued to deliver products in St. Petersburg for the «Zenith» stadium. Also during this period deliveries were made in Moscow for the residential complex «Fili Castle.» It Moscow manufacturers, the Southern Federal District and St. Petersburg today are the main customers of aluminum construction systems from «TATPROF».

This year «Tatprof» release 40 000 tonnes of aluminum profiles. The next year the volume of production will increase by 15−25%. As for the «Smart Extrusion» project, it is being implemented in full accordance with the developed schedule. The first stage — start the Central District of industrial engineering innovation center. As noted by E. Rachkov, the move will «TATPROF» to optimize the work with customers more efficiently and quickly execute their orders.

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