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Boguchany plant received the first shipment of alumina

12 January 2015

Boguchany aluminum plant, which is part of «Rusal», received the first batch of technical alumina. This raw material is the main component for the aluminum smelting electrolysis process. Aluminium oxide (alumina) is like the white sand or flour. To obtain one ton of the light metal, you need 1,918 tons of alumina. Start the party was received from «Queensland Alumina» Australian plant, part of which belongs to the «Rusal». The initial supply will be used to run the start-up and commissioning of equipment to process alumina plant warehouses. The volume of the party amounted to 480 tons.

For the storage of raw materials at the Boguchany plant designed automated warehouse. After production reaches full capacity, it is found in stock silo 4. The height of each store exceeds 33 meters. For the construction of each silo must be about 3000 cubic meters of concrete. In this case it is 2.3 at the bottom. In general, the stock Boguchansky aluminum smelter Alumina can store 72,000 tons of raw materials. At this point, the plant produced construction and equipping of the first silo. It is designed for storage of raw materials in the amount of 18 000 tonnes.

According to Alexei Kartavtseva, general director of the plant, the equipment installed at the alumina stock, automates complex operations. It consists of unloading raw materials, shipping it to a silo with subsequent storage, transportation of material in the tank truck loading site. From there alumina automatically sent to the gas purification installation production. Similar equipment to some extent already applied in Khakassia plant, but it will absolutely BoAZ all production processes.

warehouses equipment — is not the first modernization of Boaz. In April, the plant has acquired a specialized machine designed for tapping aluminum. This is the first of this kind of equipment in Russia. Overall, the Boguchany plant will operate five of these machines. This technique allows conducting the most critical processes of pouring the molten aluminum from electrolytic cells at high temperatures. The automated system is the controller for the ratio of «Metal: electrolyte» in the electrolysis baths. It also sets the conditions for tapping transmitted by radio to the control system. The cost of all cars of over 9.8 million. EURO.

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