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Underground mine "Safyanovskaya copper" started

14 January 2015

Started work on the first startup complex of the underground mine, owned by «Safyanovskaya copper», a part of UMMC. The construction of the mine Ural company started back in 2010, the first batch of raw material has been received recently. By the end of this year, the estimated volumes of crude copper ore is about 20 000 tonnes. In 2015, according to preliminary estimates of the volumes will increase to 140 000 tons of ore. The total capacity of the mine is 500 000 tonnes. To extract that amount of raw mine will begin in 2017. Experts predict receive ore Safyanovskaya field for 25 years. Assets are estimated at $ 11 million. Tons. Since the beginning of the construction of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company made in the project about 3 bln. RUB.

Igor Tsvetkov, director of «Safyanovskaya copper», says that the active phase of the construction work is finished. For this kind of work a five-year term is quite small. According to him, it is very important that the company used for the construction of their own funds without attracting additional sources. As a result, the output produced an entirely new production.

The first complex is the underground workings that are longer than 14 km. This allows for deep mine horizons. All workings introduced the necessary communications. Generation are equipped with water, power supply, air supply system, roads and other things. Underground Utilities served by means of surface facilities of the complex. For working in the field delivered imported mobile equipment — dump trucks, drilling rigs and LHD equipment. The first copper ore was mined in the first cleaning chamber, entered into operation in December, 2014. The project is designed to Safianovskiy deposit will apply advanced methods of ore reserves opening motor bias, ventilation pressurizing the barrel and galleries. Ore processing will be carried out by floor-chamber method.

Meanwhile, the price of copper on the «Shanghai Futures Exchange» do not change, because most investors have ceased their activities in anticipation of the end of the year. By the time of the termination of trading 3mesyachnye copper futures settled at 7,364 thousand. USD / ton. According to the analyst «Citic Futures», prices remain at the same level, given the lack of cash.

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