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SMC Kolpino, begins deliveries of steel billets

18 January 2015

SMC Kolpino-entering the division «Severstal Russian Steel» begins supplying steel billets for use in shipbuilding. SMC Kolpino, focused on the production of billets from metal destined for shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. Also blanks are used in the construction industry. In the process of manufacturing blanks used flexible and plasma metal cutting. In addition, steel service center carries out priming, blasting and processing products edges.

The volume of the initial batch, made of shipbuilding steel, totaled 170 mln. Tons. Steel smelted at Cherepovets Steel Mill, which is a part of «Severstal». Products made from SMC Kolpino, this steel is used in manufacturing the hulls of ships used in the oil and gas industry. The main customers-SMC Kolpino in the shipbuilding industry are Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant, Intro-Pella, Marine Plant «Almaz», Arkhangelsk EW Navy and others. The main consumers of engineering products, SMC Kolpino is Kamaz, Komatsu, Caterpillar and Hitachi. In 2013, SMC has mastered the production of blanks, designed for wind generator towers. However, that shipbuilding is called the most promising avenue for the application of the main product of the enterprise. The production capacity of the center enables chamfering, stripping coats and sheet metal bending and cutting.

Subsidiary of the Austrian company «Severstal», Severstal Trade Gmbh, has signed a definitive agreement regarding the sale of PJSC Dneprometiz owned by a private German company. It was created in 1890 Dneprometiz Forces Joint Stock Company steelworks. The owner of the company was a German industrialist Bernard Gantke. Today Dneprometiz considered a Ukrainian company, one of the leaders in the manufacture of steel products. The company also sells metal cutting, lifting and press-forging equipment. Sale of the company will ensure the further growth of the efficiency of the «Severstal metiz», while improving profitability and «Severstal» in general. In 2006, the Corporation acquired a 60% stake Dneprometiza. In the future, the proportion of corporations has increased to a level of 98.6%, today the package is sold fully.

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