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World steel output grew by 0.1%

6 January 2015

In November 2014 the world steel production increased by 0.1% compared to figures in November last year. By the number of 131 million has been made for the period of November this year. Tons according to data provided by the «World Steel Association». Also in accordance with the available indicators of the organization considers the leading steel producer in China. Chinese crude steel volumes totaled 63.3 million. Tons. This figure is lower than last year by 0.2%. Japanese manufacturers smelted 9.2 mln. Tons of steel. Relatively to the same period last year, this result is lower than 1.1%. South Korea increased its performance by 5.5%, amounting to 5.9 mln. Tons.

Also, according to the organization Germany declined slightly the level of production over the previous year, releasing a product by 1.9% less. Volumes of crude steel amounted to 3.6 mln. Tons. Spain has reduced the figures by 1.9%, producing 1.2 mln. Tons of steel. Italy reduced productivity by 13.9%, which amounted to 1.9 mln. Tons. France has improved the results of the previous year by 5.8% to reach 1.4 mln. Tons.

Russian manufacturers have improved the last year's figure by 5.8%, amounting to 5.8 mln. Tons. As the representatives of the Pipe Industry Development Fund, for the period January-October of this year, demand increased by 6.7% to 8.7 mln. Tons. For 10mesyachny period, the volume of exports in this segment decreased by 8%, which amounted to 1 million. Ton. Imports fell to the level of 0.561 million. Tons, a decrease of 24.5%. This result is based on the reduction of Chinese supplies. But even in this case the volume imported in the Russian pipe production in China 2 times higher than the flow of goods 2011−2012. Now the Foundation directs its efforts on the protection of domestic producers. It was at the request of the Fund in March 2014 started anti-dumping investigation on Chinese supply of tubular products.

Metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine produced 1.8 mln. Tons of steel, which is below last year's results by 28.6%. Turkish manufacturers have lowered the rate by 8.6%, reaching a level of 2.8 mln. Tons. American metallurgists smelted 7.2 mln. Tons, which is 1.5% higher than the previous result. Brazil also increased its production capacity. Steel output increased by 2.4% to 2.8 mln. Tons.

Global indicators increased by 3.5% relative to the previous year 2012, amounting to 1.607 billion. Tons. Indicators 2012 exceeded the result of 2011 by 1.2% to 1.548 billion. Tons, reaching a record level.

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