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Merry Christmas dear friends!

6 January 2015

Christmas holidays — special pore fascinating unfathomable time. These days are filled with the expectation of miracles in the hearts and souls of condescending grace and joy. Perhaps even the most hardened cynics feel the approach of Christmas, the date when the Savior was born. This holiday is not confused with any other, and gifts on this special day. Not only the material offerings, traditionally placed underneath the beautiful tree-touching and socks over the fireplace. It is much more valuable than the kindness and love of relatives and friends of people who desire to become purer and better, closer to God.

More than two thousand years in the world has come, Jesus Christ. By taking the sins of the people, he opened all the way to salvation, giving hope. All people have aspirations, plans and desires. Everybody wants to change for the better. However, on Christmas night hoping to execute his dream, remember to follow the commandments of God. Christmas strengthens faith, and faith will be rewarded each. The deep essence of Christmas — the love and the faith, hope and peace.

I would like to wish all the good and happiness in the family, love and success in the coming New Year. Fun and joy, friendly warm words and hugs, and dreams and great achievements. On this day, let us say a word to each other, not forgotten by Christians for many centuries: Christ is born! His glory!

Merry Christmas, my dear!
Happiness let filled days,
Let Love descend magic
And success will reign everywhere!
On this day, the holy grace
Do not allow the heart to faint,
Filling a wonderful warm!
Dear friends, Merry Christmas!

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