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Sredneuralsk Copper Smelter celebrates 20 years of experimental-industrial complex

15 December 2014

Sredneuralsky smelter noted the anniversary. Since the launch of the pilot-industrial complex for the smelting of copper has been 20 years in a liquid bath. In connection with the holiday complex management organized metallurgists veteran tour of the copper-smelting production. In addition, the outstanding employees of the enterprise were awarded. 25 employees of the plant were awarded with diplomas and letters. Among them, craftsmen, engineers, managers and ordinary workers who participated in the start-up and debugging PZHV. Anatoly Kazantsev, a veteran of the copper-smelting plant, after the tour shared to create an impression. His eyes were all the main stages of development of the complex. And the upgrade process continues, that should please veterans of production, since it allows to obtain increasing amounts of copper. Kazantsev is an experienced, understands the seriousness of the work in this direction.

The first batch of matte was received at the enterprise 30.11.1994 year. For the time of copper smelting technology in a liquid bath it was truly revolutionary. Construction PZHV became the first robin in the whole system of innovation in the workplace. Basically all they aimed at resolving environmental problems in the production of copper. Today Sredneuralsky plant only uses this technology. two plant furnaces and sulfuric acid are involved in the process.

SUMZ also continues to build a new oxygen station. According to preliminary estimates of its production capacity of 12,000 m 3 / h. It is expected that investment in the project will reach 1 billion mark. RUB. Andrey Plotnikov, head of the oxygen-compressor shop, said information services for the supply of new equipment. Ongoing improvement of the foundation under the building frame. Contractor was selected on a competitive basis, as a result of the responsibility was assigned to SMU1. According to the previously approved schedule of the new station will begin its work at the end of next year.

To date for the production of oxygen used 2e air separation plant. Their total oxygen capacity is 36 to 500 m 3 / hour. The resulting oxygen is fully used in the smelting of copper in furnaces Vanyukov. The new station will allow, if necessary, to maintain the required load on the melting equipment.

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