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Kirov factory installs new equipment

9 December 2014

Kirov factory for processing non-ferrous metals, which is part of UMMC-OCM, continued improvement of the existing equipment. In November, in the shop of cold stamping has been installed modern single-crank press EPS-150, the main distinguishing feature is the increased strength and precision in the manufacture of collector plates and cable lugs. The old equipment — Press EPU125 — was put into operation more than 20 years ago and the main reason for the frequent failure of tooling wear was the main nodes, resulting in decreased quality of products. After replacement of the equipment is not married, as well as downtime, possible earlier due to unscheduled maintenance work.

Another advantage of the new media — to increase the volume of production. Given that the performance of both presses is 8000 items per shift, the new equipment production amounted to 105,000 units more than the old, and eventually reached 350,000 units / month. Also new press has great force in tons, as a result, it became possible to produce products with increased size and thickness. Safety of production processes has increased, because the new equipment is there a light barrier, protecting your hands from getting into the working perimeter of the die. In addition, new media noise is largely lower than the old.

Besides replacing KZOTSM equipment carries out activities aimed at improving energy efficiency in the framework of a program to increase enterprise efficiency by optimizing the use of energy and reduce their losses. In particular, at the Kirov plant abandoned the use of steam, replacing it with the work of alternative thermal energy sources. In the rolling-forging and rolling mill heated air and etching solutions, as well as drying of the tape is made using electricity, replaced-extinguishing system rolling mill was put into operation gas boiler at the treatment facilities of the enterprise. As a result of savings of around 31 million. RUB / year.

This autumn KZOTSM started the next stage of the implementation of lean production model, which will not only enhance its efficiency, but also provide a positive result in a safe direction, quality and productivity.

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