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"Rusal" will launch a new mine at SUBR

8 December 2014

In 2010, Severouralsk began construction of a new industrial site, which in the end — the beginning of next year the launch of mining mine bauxite mine «Cheremukhovskoye-Deep» will be performed. In this project, according to preliminary estimates it will be invested in general about 5.5 bln. RUB, and commissioning of the facility according to the calculations of experts will be held in January 2015

At this point in Severouralsk mine put into operation the railway, which is a link between «Cheremukhovskoye-deep» mine industrial area with the main warehouse. Its length is 5 km and the investment in its construction amounted to 62.4 million. RUB. Launching the new branch was held almost a year ahead of the planned schedule of the term, its construction allows for easy delivery of raw material obtained in the main warehouse.

Despite the fact that this project is very ambitious, its implementation does not allow to create new jobs, as the new mine will be the replacement of exhausted their resources the old site. On the production Severouralsk completion of the project before the previously mentioned period of almost a year is considered a significant achievement. According SUBR company provides jobs for about 3,700 people, while the bulk of the workforce is local residents.

Another project of «Rusal» — scheduled to buy 50% stake in the Boguchany aluminum plant at JSC «RusHydro». Start negotiations took place last month, initial production capacity will be about 150 000 light metal per year. The total cost of the project, excluding the costs for the construction of infrastructure and clearing of the reservoir bed, 5 billion. USD, funding for the project is carried out both for its own account «Rusal» and «RusHydro» and with the help of attracted investments. In summer 2010, Vnesheconombank project financing was approved in the amount of 50 billion. RUB, which at that time amounted to about 1.6 billion. USD.

Currently, «RUSAL» in partnership with «RusHydro» builds energy and metals complex, located in the Lower Angara Area. Its members will include aluminum industrial enterprise with annual capacity of 600 000 tonnes and hydroelectric power capacity of 3,000 MW. At the end of 2012, 4 of the first hydraulic unit have been introduced to the Boguchanskaya HPP in operation. According to preliminary calculations, the aluminum industry, «Rusal» will acquire from the Boguchanskaya hydroelectric power station of the order of 70% of capacity.

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