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UMMC plans to produce products of rare metals

3 November 2014

UMMC (Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company), which celebrated recently its 15th anniversary since its foundation, is not going to dwell on the successes achieved to date. According to the CEO of the company, Andrew Kozitsyna, UMMC plans — development and adjustment of the release of goods from the rare metals. The process consists in the processing cycle of copper-zinc ore, as a result of which the output 4 is formed of rare metals — cadmium, indium, selenium and tellurium. Now experts of the Ural company engaged in studying the issues concerning the establishment of the production of value-added products made from rare metals. The company works closely with the corporation «Rostec» and the Russian Ministry of Industry.

Do not forget the company and the production of standard products — in the current year UMMC intends to produce about 380−385 thousand tons of copper cathodes. According to A. Kozitsyna, the export will be sent to about 200 thousand tons of the red metal and wire rod, the remaining volumes will be shipped to the domestic consumer. Despite a rather difficult situation on the copper market, UMMC intends to maintain the volumes produced at the same level.

In addition to the development of new technologies company engaged in the exploration activities of the Voronezh region in the copper-nickel areas. In the event that exploration results will be positive, UMMC leadership is ready to establish a project organization with the further construction of GOK. Processing of raw materials produced will presumably take place in Kirovograd, which can be the construction of a new steel production.

Given that the development of copper production stops in Russia, the red metal consumption in the country is no more than 350−360 thousand tons, and in recalculation per capita volumes below average. Evgeny Bragin, who is the Deputy Director General of the Ural Mining, sounded fairly simple calculations regarding the consumption of copper in Russia. The volume of copper produced in the world in the order of 24 million. Tons per year, in the allocation of 7 billion. Population units per person accounts for just over 3 kg. Russia has a population of 140 million. People who, on the above estimates, the need to consume 420 000 tons, which is higher than 70−80 tons of actual results.

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