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«Alcoa» produced the largest integrated aluminum detail

28 October 2014

The corporation «Alcoa», standing in third position among the leading aluminum producer, announced the world's first production of the largest integrated aluminum parts intended for a vehicle for military purposes under the terms of the agreement, which was concluded between «Alcoa» and the US Army in 2013 year. The essence is to replace the formerly used by the US Army prefabricated unitary body designed «Alcoa» with the US Army Research Laboratory, the main efforts are directed to the development of the protection of transport units by improving manufacturing processes.

As the specialists say, in comparison with the previously developed new advanced prefabricated housing ensures double protection against explosive devices, especially with respect to home-made devices. This assertion is based on a series of successful tests that simulate the real action.

Among other things, the assembly designed housing consumes less time and is lighter in weight than previous models. All these factors have a positive effect on the final cost and speed of production of transport units for the US military complex.

Currently owned by the corporation at her in Cleveland factory produced two demo forgings, which are used for hydraulic press «Alcoa» — one of the most advanced hydraulic equipment in the world, weighing 50 tons. Testing also included the conduct of the US Army Corps of undermining demonstrative.

aluminum popularity continues to grow — not only the army, but also conventional producers use lightweight metal for the manufacture of vehicles and therefore the financial corporation «Morgan Stanley» has revised its own forecast aluminum prices in 2015 increased by 8%, and this by raising the bar by 3%. However, the proposal will decline, given the upcoming production cuts. According to the latest cost of aluminum in the current year will be 1893 USD / ton in 2015 the price will rise up to 2072 USD / ton. As for the deficit, in 2017 the volume of it will be 230 000 tonnes. For light metal manufacturers, this situation is quite acceptable — the demand will increase by 6.6% this year, rising in 2015 by another 7.4%, given the growing consumption of the metal the US auto industry.

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