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"Rusal" is focused on the development of aluminum-scandium alloys

11 November 2014

«Rusal» continues to strengthen its position — the share of goods with value added of the total smelting enterprises of light metal is steadily increasing. If in the first quarter, the proportion was 44%, in the second it rose to the level of 46.9%. The cost of some alloys — in particular, the aluminum-scandium — reached the level of 30 000 USD / ton, while the spot price of primary aluminum on the London Stock Exchange does not go abroad in 2000 USD. Viktor Mann, who is the technical director of «Rusal», in his interview with «Interfax», gave explanations on the feasibility of production of such alloys is touching at the same time and production technologies.

In August, Ural Aluminium Smelter launched the installation, which produces primary scandium concentrate based on red mud. To date, «Rusal» is the only company that produces a concentrate of scandium from the slurry, which provides the company with a leading position in the world market, given the growing use of aluminum-scandium alloys in the automotive and other industries, because this product has a higher ductility and corrosion resistance. Another positive point of these alloys — a small amount of natural scandium and the complexity of its production. If these alloys show good economic results, «Rusal» expects to introduce their production in other areas. Currently, scandium alloys will be implemented exclusively in the territory of the Russian Federation. The cost of the aluminum-scandium concentrate, given the complexity of its production and a small content in the nature of the order of 25 000−30 000 USD / tonne — at the cost of a ton of primary aluminum on the London Metal Exchange between 2000 to 2400 USD.

The company focuses on the development of aluminum-scandium products, while ignoring the aluminum-lithium alloys, because of their issue for a long time specialized company «Alcoa», firmly taking the lead. The production of scandium alloys offered «Rusal» an opportunity to occupy a central place in the industry. Technical specialists of «Rusal» continue to expand the range of products, developing new alloys and releasing their new species. In addition, a development of new types of alloys rod together with the necessary equipment for its production.

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