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TALCO reduced exports

10 November 2014

The main item that Tajikistan exports out of the country, is aluminum — unfortunately, in the current year deliveries to foreign partners lightweight metal fell by 40%. From January to September in 2014, the export of aluminum compared to the same period last year decreased volumes by 39.7% in value as indicators fell by 41%. For the period January-September of this year, Tajikistan exported 94.4 thousand tons in the amount of 173.1 million. USD, while last year over the same period, export volumes amounted to 156.6 thous. Tonnes worth USD 293.6 million. USD. In September 2014 exports totaled 10,200 tonnes worth USD 20.1 million. USD.

The main consumer of the Tajik aluminum products this year was Turkey, in second place is among the leaders of Iran, followed by China and Russia. According to the results of last year sent the Republic to export 200 thousand tonnes of the metal a total value of 370 million USD -… Almost 25% in number and 30% of the price is less than in 2012. With such negative developments, in recent months 2013 TALCO management team dispatched to the authorities of the Republic's request for financial support required in connection with the negative impact of the financial global crisis.

Unlike TALCO Norwegian metals company «Norsk Hydro» improve their own performance — in the third quarter, the company's specialists have reported doubling profits, predicting at the same time the inevitable shortage of aluminum offers. Analysts «Norsk Hydro» Metal implementation of new generation projects will be offset by a decrease in capacity in other areas that will lead to market shortages — for the first time in many years, when there was an excess of light metal. According to Richard Brandttsega, head of the company, demand for the metal continues to grow, so in 2014 we can expect its growth in the range of 3−4%, excluding China consumers, given the extensive use of aluminum automotive industry.

In general, the operating profit of the company increased the base more than doubled and amounted to 1.49 billion. CZK, although according to analysts, it was to be 1.36 billion. CZK. The indicative value of the light metal has risen to the level of 2100 USD / ton for the period July-September, whereas in the beginning of the year it is 1,800 USD / ton, but now the price has stopped at 2000 USD.

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