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KrAZ products received the highest rating

12 November 2014

Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant, part of the Corporation «Rusal», received the highest score for the quality they produced flat bars. The evaluation of the product on a scale of 10 points made the world's leading companies prefer to buy metal at KrAZ. Annual research on the quality of its products was carried out «Rusal» among the major internal and external customers with the help of a questionnaire. The highest score in respect of flat ingots used mainly for the manufacture of aluminum cans, has been received by the Krasnoyarsk plant by «Alcoa» American company. Leading European corporations «Elval» and «Hydro» awarded products KrAZ mark of 9 points. The total score of the Krasnoyarsk plant products customer satisfaction increased to the level of 8.4, while the result of the survey of last year was 7.9 points.

This progress was achieved through the implementation of the enterprise program aimed at improving the quality of products, affecting both stages of the standardization of production and reorganization measures as well as training in new techniques of plant personnel. According to Leonid Ragozin, Managing director of the company, a lot of work to meet the buyers' requests regarding the quality of the material was carried out. And stop the plant's management is not going to — it is planned to further increase the percentage of high-tech products, such as high purity aluminum and aluminum alloys. The company's main task — to bring this figure up to 40% of the total production volume. Currently, the figure is 37%.

Appreciation krazovskoy products given and Japanese representatives who appreciate true quality. On their part the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant received an order for the production of an initial batch of a complex alloy cans of 500 tons. In case of successful implementation of an experimental batch of Japanese customers are planning to enter into a long term business relationship.

Since July this year, the Krasnoyarsk plant carries out preparatory work for construction of the foundry complex, based on the production of billets. Investment in the project, which according to preliminary estimates will be completed in 2016, on the order of 45 million. USD. The complex will produce cylindrical ingots — also large diameter — are widely used in the automotive industry. The estimated annual production capacity of 120 000 tons.

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