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Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are increasing production capacity for copper

22 September 2014

In the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan in September 2014 began its work plant for the smelting of copper, was built in the framework of the state project FIID. The founder of this construction was the LLP «Eurasia Copper Operating», investment in the implementation of the program amounted to 2.1 bln. Tenge. The main difference between the new enterprise from such plants is to get the red metal with the use of new technologies that enable savings consumed more electricity than one and a half times, excluding the negative impact on the environment. Clean smelted metal is 99.9%. Annual design capacity is 3,000 tons of copper products are made in the form of sheets 5 mm thick and the size of 1×1 m. The resulting products to be realized on the domestic market of Kazakhstan at the price per ton from 7000 USD to 7250 USD.

This project is not the only one — for FIID program already implemented 58 projects from the 94 previously announced. In general, created about 5000 workers points to the projects included in the investment of 242 bln., Started the company to date have already provided 5.5% of the total industrial output. The program provides for the formation of another 23 projects by 2020 with the organization of 5,000 jobs and the expected volume of invested funds in the amount of 868 billion. Tenge.

Islam Karimov, President of Uzbekistan signed a resolution «On measures to implement the investment project» Construction of a new melting furnace at the smelter «tabled in order to continue the modernization of the Almalyk Mining town of Navoi, as well as for integration into production processes modern technologies red metal smelting, ensuring reduction energy costs and improve the ecological environment of the state. The program for the successful implementation of the investment project in life specialists provide feasibility study, including investments in the amount of 97.7 million. USD. As a result of the tender signed a contract for the construction of the smelter, which cost «turnkey» will be 89.6 million USD.; The price also includes ensuring the supply of domestic producers. According to preliminary calculations, the company will be put into operation in September 2016.

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