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Preservation Yaroslavsky mining company is stalling in place

17 September 2014

As you know, last year the company «RUSAL» has taken the forced decision on the temporary preservation of the Yaroslavl mining companies, given the loss-making production is directly dependent with a decrease in demand and the ineffectiveness of the existing production capacity. In this guide to calculate the corporation and has taken all the required measures that can minimize the negative impact on employees when stopping thereof. Employees were forced to lost jobs, were given more than 800 variants of compensation or other job choice, with the amount of compensation in accordance with the experience ranged from 5 to 7 over the salary level set by law. On its own initiative, the corporation has given employees a partial compensation of loans in the amount of 70−100 thousand. RUB. Also, single premium was paid. More than 200 people remained in their jobs. It can be stated that «Rusal» fully complied with its obligations.

Among other things, the management of the corporation carried out work aimed at obtaining the status of the Yaroslavl company towns, in the long run considering the possibility of modernization and technical enterprise restructuring. Unfortunately, the lack of both the necessary technical and technological and commercial base does not allow to produce on YAGRK alternative products, such as zinc, briquettes, and rare-earth metals, with «RUSAL» continues to study options for output, suitable for new industries .

Due to the fact that workflows YAGRK on new technologies is still running, on the other day, Vladimir Miklushevsky, performing at the moment the function of the governor of Primorsky Krai, held a meeting with the head and members of the Yaroslavl plant to get acquainted with the plan aimed at resolving the the current situation, since the start of the preservation of production took 9 months, but its obligations plant still has not complied. According to General Director Vladimir Lozhkina, today continued talks with Chinese representatives regarding the sale of products manufactured by GOK, which in the study was sent 15 kg of test ore samples. From the edge of the head, it was decided to establish a system of supervision — under the supervision of the Vice-Governor of S. Sidorenko will Khorolsky District, while directly Yaroslavsky will oversee Usoltsev Basil, who is the first vice-governor.

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