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UMMC strengthens position

23 September 2014

LLC «Bashkir copper», a part of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company expects no later than 2027 to achieve the output of the underground mine, located in the copper-pyrite deposit «Jubilee» and under construction since 2011, the production capacity of over 2 million. Tons. Testing of the deposit by underground method comprising production provided access to production volume, will take at least 40 years. However, in July of this year, the mine has put more than 5,000 tons of copper ore, and by the end of 2014 the company expects to achieve annual production of crude ore in the amount of 50 000 tonnes.

According to Eugene Pugovkina, the head of the mine under construction, by far the contractors, mining and capital sections 1 and 2 have organized the passage of 355 m in the «South Ventilation» trunk, and 650 m in the «cage» trunk. Also, the company is actively working on the sinking of «Northern Ventilation» barrel — at this stage, completed 40 m ore processing, resulting in the underground mine «Jubilee», as well as raw materials with Dergamyshskogo field decided to produce on Haybullinskom concentrating production -. Its annual production capacity right now is about 1.5 mln. tons of ore, and with an increase in harvested volumes is expected gradual increase enterprise productivity. Field development «Podolsk» and «Jubilee» will provide an opportunity to increase annual volumes of produced and processed raw materials to 4.5−5 mln. Tons, raising further prospects «Bashmedi» to a new level.

Kirov factory for processing non-ferrous metals, as part of the Ural Mining, undergoing modernization by installing new equipment. According to chief of department of cold stamping, Alexei Kotlova, in accordance with the technical re-equipment program in the current year, the company acquired a modern single-crank press with a force of 150 ton The new equipment has high strength, low noise level and high precision manufacturing, it is present in the optical system protective workspace that protects the operator from possible injuries hands. The cost of the press is 2.5 mln. RUB. The necessary replacement of obsolete equipment guarantees an increase in production volumes in the manufacture of extruded products — aluminum and copper cable lugs, plates collector used in electric motors. Also, installation of new equipment will provide the level of production growth of 5%.

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