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«ArcelorMittal» expanding the range and increase the cost of flat products

10 September 2014

Representatives of the world leader in the steel sector, the company «ArcelorMittal», informed about the possibility of increasing the cost of flat products in the 4th quarter of this year. The approximate price for European consumers will increase by 20 EURO per ton compared to the previous price. The corporation that owns in addition a sufficient number of metallurgical enterprises of mining facilities and keep control over 10% of the world's steel, may well afford to dictate the rules. The new strategy involves orders placed by consumers in the last quarter of 2014. According to some assumptions, a change in the cost of production is largely affected by the increase in demand from the steel mills and reduced supply of imports.

According to earlier reports of the British consulting company «MEPS» European steel plants provide stable growth of orders, but the cost of flat products remains at a fairly low level. Steelmakers have made repeated attempts to increase the value of this product, however, can not count on a significant increase. A small increase would allow only partially cover the money spent on the production process. As experts «MEPS» argue before the end of 2014 the situation is unlikely to improve, and hence such a radical approach.

«ArcelorMittal» expands the range of steels for the automotive sphere — new stamps provide tangible savings in weight and, together with the improved security. Thanks to the efforts of the research sector, a reduction in weight of vehicles by using high-strength material used for cold stamping, is 20% and will reduce emissions. New products will be produced at the Belgian sites Kessales and Gent. Fortiform new series has the ability to absorb greater amounts of energy in an emergency situation at a reduced wall thickness that allows the use of steel for the manufacture of B-pillars, front and rear elements. Today Fortiform includes three steel grades: Fortiform 1050, 1180 and Fortiform Fortiform 980. The first products have passed the necessary tests for weldability and formability, having received approval from the global vehicle manufacturers. The next Fortiform Fortiform 1180 and 980, which are expected to start production in the period 2014−2017.

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