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Cost rod continues to increase

9 September 2014

Ongoing negotiations on the export of Japanese steel wire in the United States and Asia. Japanese manufacturers considering stopping the export of this product from Ukraine, and the increased demand from the United States, using the wire rod in the manufacture of tires, solar panels, etc., are planning to increase the value of its own goods. This unknown details of the proposals by Japan, but presumably the cost of production will increase in the range of 10 to 20 USD.

Increased cost and wire rod in China, given the increased seasonal demand for these products. However, the credit crisis and the relative stagnation of real estate held by a sharp rise in demand up. Steel wire sufficiently in demand in Indonesia, it is quite stable and in Thailand, along with demand flat car rental and car parts.

Japan expresses its concern about the October shipments, given the activity of the Chinese producers. Since October, the price level of the Chinese factories will be 550 USD CFR, which is lower than the cost of Japanese products, at least 100 USD. This difference negates the competitive ability. However, the US anti-dumping measures have a negative impact on China, the Ukraine because of the political situation has suspended exports of wire rod. As a rule, the Japanese producers is rarely compete with suppliers in Ukraine, but there is a possibility of transmission of urgent orders shipment of steel rods is Japanese entrepreneurs.

In July of this year, imports of Japanese steel products increased by 20.5%, reaching 433,000 tons. The volume of imports of cold-rolled products amounted to 80,000 tons, hot-rolled steel products 163,000 tons. The increase in the volume of imports of South Korean supply provides growth by 4% relative to similar results last year, which amounted to 274 000 tonnes. Shipments from Taiwan increased by 35.4% and amounted to 97,000 tons, the Chinese deliveries amounted to 58 000 tonnes — their level increased by 38.4%. However, exports from the country fell by 8.8% in July on the results of last month, amounting to 3.299 million tons. As compared to the same period last year, figures deteriorated by 8.6%. The main consumer of Japanese steel production in July was Asia — volume products exported to Asian countries totaled 2.552 million tons, which is 10.5% lower than in July last year.

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