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Japan is stepping up the pace of production in the field of stainless steel

15 September 2014

As the representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Finance, the volume of exports of stainless steel in July this year increased significantly. As a result, the total number of stainless products exported July on the results of last month increased by 10.8% to 104,687 tonnes. The main consumer of Japanese products has become South Korea — the number of deliveries rose by 6.9% relative to the indicators for June, reaching 23 791 tonnes. The second leading consumer of steel, China, in the direction of exports increased by 13.9% compared to June, which amounted to 18 031 tonnes. The third most important area of ​​US Steel, which was imported 6429 tonnes. This figure exceeded the results of June at 13.3%. The average value of Japanese exports of stainless products in July 3623 amounted to about USD / ton — the figure below the results of June almost 6.4%. July exports of stainless steel provided the total revenue of $ 379.3 million. USD.

At the same time, imported to Japan, the number of stainless steel products in July this year is about 16,701 tons. Compared to same period last year imports during July increased by 0.1%. According to data provided by the Ministry of Finance, the average cost of imported goods amounted to 3283 USD, which at an annual rate of 2.4% over last year's results.

The construction of the plant in Bangladesh, launched a Japanese corporation «Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal» together with the «McDonald Steel Building Products Limited» in December last year. A new addition to the company capture the internal market must ensure the supply of materials for the manufacture of metal structures construction and shipbuilding companies. In accordance with the plans of «Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal» and «McDonald Steel Building Products Limited» in September of this year, should start commercial production, the initial annual capacity will be 15 thousand. Tonnes. The companies plan to ensure the production of high-quality products with a fairly low cost.

The annual demand in Japan, prefabricated steel buildings in recent years is steadily increasing by at least 35%, but almost all steel companies imported steel, which increases the cost and the complexity of the process. The new company will supply the necessary products at affordable prices without the cost of imports.

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