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In the first half of 2014 the implementation of "Severstal" of goods increased by 16%

6 August 2014

Thanks to a distribution network of «Severstal», which includes the company «Severstal-Ukraine», «Severstallat-Silesia», «Trading House» Severstal Invest «," Severstalbel «and» Severstallat «, the implementation of steel companies increased by 16%, with the result that It amounted to 617 thousand. tonnes. During the period from January to June this year, distributors are companies able to realize more than 11% of the total number of products sold «Severstal Russian Steel.»

Explaining the reasons for this success, Andrei Alexeyev, head of Distributive Networks Corporation, pointed out the development of the service network as its main source. When you create high-quality extensive network of adequately staffed warehouses and remote offices is expanding the range of products, produced efficient logistics chain, provided operational links with the representatives of the regions. This scheme allows to increase sales while reducing costs — thanks to the new system planned EBITDA performance in the first half of 2014 exceeded more than 1.5 times. At the same time continue to open new offices — in 2013 there was a point in Finland, in the current year in the territory of the Russian Federation was formed 10 new offices, and that «Severstal» is not going to stop.

Through the efforts of «Severstallat» and its branch «Severstallat Silesia» in January-June, the number of sales increased by 32% to 234 thousand. Tonnes compared to the same period last year. «Trade House» Severstal Invest «increased its sales by 9% to reach 320 kDa tonnes compared to the first half of last year and a half times increased deliveries to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe — Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic took about 93 thousand. tons of production in Sweden and Finland over 33 ths. tons. The most significant result is a shipment to Germany, the level of which is 20 thousand tons, which exceeds the last year's period of performance twice. Deliveries in the Baltics increased by 9% to 85 thousand. Tons, while shipments to Belarus and Ukraine have increased by 6% to 63 thousand. Tons.

Representatives of the distribution network are increasing metalworking — as compared with the first half of last year, this year the volume of produced commodity output increased by 12%, which amounted to 122 thousand tons.

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