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"Kazakhmys" expects production growth

11 August 2014

The first half of the year ended for the «Kazakhmys» Groups quite successfully — for the period from January through July was proizvedeno139 thousand tons of the red metal in the cathode equivalent. Annual according to preliminary estimates will meet the planned performance in the 285−295 thousand tons. The company expects to increase production volume by additional processing of the raw material of the unfinished production.

During the reporting period, the company mined ore in the amount of 18.2 million. Tons, while the average in the feed contained 1.02% copper. In the production of copper concentrate for the period April-May of the current year the company has achieved results that were better indicators of January-May 2014 by 9%, which amounted to 79 600 tonnes against 72 900 tonnes due to increase the amount of ore mined. Growth produce copper concentrate was offset by an increase in the volume of unfinished work conducted at the Balkhash copper smelting production. As a result, the amount received for the period from April to May of copper cathode was about 45,800 tons, which is almost comparable with the results of the first quarter of this year. In the first half of «Kazakhmys», the Group issued 62 thousand tonnes of zinc concentrate, this figure corresponds to the volume of products produced during the same period last year. gold production totaled 51,000 ounces of silver — 5.2 million ounces.

Production figures of the Eastern Division for the period from January to March 2014 amounted to 41 thousand tons of copper cathode, while the annual rate for the enterprises belonging to the Eastern Division, and Bozymchak the order of 80 thousand tons. Earlier representatives of the Group received information on the conduct of GOK mine commissioning at the end of the year is scheduled to launch production. According to the results of the second quarter on a mine in the treatment received 62 thousand tons of ore, in late June 2014 in the warehouses were harvested 586,000 tons of ore, the copper content of which is about 6000 tons of gold content — 39 thousand ounces. These volumes allow to fully ensure the production load to the end of 2014.

During the period from January to June 2014, production of electricity in the domestic substations was about 2562 GW, which is 11% less than the same period last year.

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