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"RUSAL" restart "Friguia"

5 August 2014

As the press-service of «Rusal», claim brought her Guinea in Paris arbitration court ended for the company more than successful. As it has been proven, with the privatization of «Friguia» violations committed were bauxite and alumina complex, so that «Rusal» with a clear conscience is going to focus on restarting production. I must say that with the Guinean project problems were created not only «Rusal» — even fairly large companies, for example, «BHP Billiton» preferred to eventually break the agreement with the country-supplier of bauxite or frozen production. The reason was called weak demand for products, political instability and the reluctance of potential investors to invest, taking into account all possible risks.

In turn, the part of Guinea observed desire to revise the signed agreements, among which was, and the contract with «RUSAL» to acquire it in 2006 alumina refinery. According to Guinea, privatization of the enterprise was carried out with violations, but the full legality of the procedure has been proven by the court of Paris. Despite the fact that the main base of the company is located in Siberia, Guinean projects represent an excellent opportunity to strengthen the security of raw materials, because it is located in Guinea largest bauxite reserves. Bauxite, in turn, is the raw material for the production of alumina, processed into aluminum. At the «Rusal» moment unable to provide their own in the bauxite 60−80% of the demand.

In April 2012, a comprehensive enterprise in Frii a mine with a production capacity of 2.1 mln. Tons of bauxite and a factory producing alumina in the amount of 650 thous. Tons per year, due to a strike of employees, called the leadership of «Rusal» illegal, has been temporarily stopped. This year the company decides whether to resume work — at the moment, preparatory processes for the feasibility study, completion of which is expected by the end of 2014. Plans to modernize and restart «Friguia» were announced Director of Strategy, Oleg Mukhamedshin, in the late spring of this year. In addition to the complex «Friguia» company is working with the Guinean Kindia mine with an annual production capacity of 3.3 mln. Tons of bauxite. Last year, the bauxite company's performance declined by 4% to $ 11,876,000. Tons of alumina production fell by 2%, to the level of 7.310 mln. Tons.

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