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"Uralelectromed" modernizes production

3 June 2014

In order to improve working conditions and compliance with the requirements of modern production Joint Stock Company «Uralelectromed» has begun to improve the production line for the manufacture of copper powder. The cost of modernization, taking into account the acquisition of new equipment amount to 20 million RUB.

The company «Uralelectromed» gets a copper powder by electrolysis, after which it is subjected to further technical processing, consisting of several stages. The planned modernization of the production line involves the upgrading of equipment, with the help of which you are drying, grinding and sieving of the material. For these purposes the setting of turbine mills with continuous action, produced by the Italian company «ITALO DANIONI». In this model, fineness regulated by a frequency converter. In addition to the planned acquisition of the mill sealed plant for screening, which is the manufacturer of the Israeli company «KROOSH TEHNOLOGY». The advantage of this model is the ability to produce quality separations powder fraction.

Another aim is to automate the modernization process to create improved working conditions. According to Alexander Savelyev, head of production of copper powder, automation will affect operations of grinding and drying the powder. Moreover, given the lower energy costs for the new equipment, we can expect to reduce the use of natural gas, which is around 20%, with the preservation of the quality of products to the necessary level. Who carried out several stages of the modernization process: the installation of the equipment is made simultaneously with the dismantling of the old line. This is the fourth upgrade, while the production lines in the workshop, there are six.

The company «Uralelectromed» the only manufacturer of high-quality copper powders in Russia and has a leading position among European manufacturers. Specifications of products manufactured by «Uralelectromed», not only to meet all the requirements of GOST and TU but also surpass them in 2 times. At the moment, the technological line includes more than 30 brands of powders, with their range of application is very extensive — it is engineering, automotive, electrical and other industries.

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