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Iran took the 19th place in the production of aluminum

2 June 2014

According to data provided by IMIDRO information center of the United States Geological Service of Iran today is at 19 th place in the list of the most important manufacturers of aluminum ingots, up three places in the ranking relative to 2011, while beating the French producers. And Iran's production capacity in the industry continue to grow. In particular, in the case of successful realization of the projects involved, he will be able to overtake in terms of Oman, 18e taking place in 2012, Iran took a 20th place by the end of the current year. If Iran succeeds ahead for the production of aluminum ingots Germany, he will get the 17th place among the world leaders.

Statistical data indicate that in 2013 the production of ingots in Iran increased by 4% over the previous year and amounted to 350 thousand tons a result. In Iran, the main production volumes fall on the plant «Iralko» (Central province Arak), combines «Hormozal» and «Al-Mahdi» (Hormozgan province). Currently, a project for the construction of a new aluminum production Dzhadzhrome province of North Khorasan, the annual production capacity is estimated at 36 thousand tons of aluminum ingots, aluminum plant in the province of Khuzestan, in Masjed-Soleiman, whose capacity will be 175 thousand tons, and the South Plant, where production capacity is expected to reach 276,000 tons. increase to 1.5 mln. tons per year According to preliminary calculations, the total annual production capacity of Iran by 2018 will be about 975 000 tonnes of bullion, and in 2025.

On the whole, according to information «International Aluminum Institute» World smelting of aluminum according to the April of this year increased to 3.904 million tons, an increase compared to 145 thousand tons compared to last year. However, when compared to April the volume with the previous month, it may be noted that the production of aluminum on the world market fell by 161 000 tonnes. In 2014, experts «Bernstein Research» predict the formation of metal deficiency despite the fact that over the past 7 years, the global market is experiencing a clear surplus. However, analysts expect that metal manufacturers gradually restore its profitability, despite the fact that it is now almost zero, even at the cost of aluminum in excess of 1850 USD / ton.

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