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Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant expands the product mix

4 June 2014

Pervouralsk plant, part of the ChTPZ, successfully passed examination procedure by expanding the scope of the certificate that issued by the Russian River Register of Shipping, on the issue of corrosion of pipes GOST 9941−81. Obtaining this certificate is a guarantee that it possesses the products can be applied in the river shipbuilding. Currently Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant provided the execution of orders for 5 standard sizes of pipes made of stainless steel. The finished batch was sent to Mid-Nevsky Shipyard, further products will be used in the manufacture of hydraulic river transport systems.

Extension of the certificate application in the manufacture of new types of pipes due to the increased demand for corrosion resistant pipes used in shipbuilding. According to the analytical data in the last 2 years shipping stainless products for shipbuilding companies increased by 30 tonnes (2011 figure) to 140 tons last year. In the list of the most important customers, who prefer to work with Pervouralsk plant, the Group «Caspian Energy» company, JSC «Production Association» Sevmash «and JSC» Plant «Red Sormovo».

In general, the ChTPZ Group in the first quarter of this year increased the supply of steel pipes by 8% compared to the same period last year, which amounted to 410.3 thousand tons compared to 381,600 tons. This growth was driven by domestic shipments for the OJSC «AK» Transneft «and the REN of OJSC» Gazprom «.

Also at the end of April it had a joint coordination meeting of «Metalloinvest» and ChTPZ Group, conducted at the Chelyabinsk plant rental pipes. It was a question of cooperation in the supply of steel billets and sheet metal used in the manufacture of seamless and welded pipes. Parties considered the results of the previous year and identified aspects of interaction for this and next year. Company data adequately and fruitfully cooperating for the first year, this interaction makes it possible to participate in profitable projects related to the oil and gas industry. Tandem «supplier of the material — the manufacturer of the product» is very advantageous in an environment where user requirements for pipes and metal over time tightened that up coordinating councils, they provide an excellent opportunity to establish relations between the leading specialists of the companies.

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