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Illegal manganese in Zambia, going out of the informal sector

9 June 2014

Production of non-ferrous metals in many countries is the basis of economic and social well-being. Therefore, the authorities of some small countries, strictly follow the legal basis for such a compartment, as shadow production of this level is able to apply the economic foundation of small nation a significant loss. The last official statement of the ruling echelon Zambia became clear demonstration of this fact. Illegal mining of manganese in some northern regions of the country and its central part leads to losses in the state budget millions of dollars in unpaid taxes to the treasury. Moreover, an additional expense of budget brings the subsequent export of illegally obtained important structural materials in the neighboring country of Zambia. After magnesium illegal export abroad, bypassing customs duties allows enriched shadow industrialists even more. To stabilize the situation in the compartment of the Deputy Minister in the mining industry announced the beginning of the audit of all licensing documents from mining companies. This audit primarily affect small companies and private entrepreneurs. The aim of the procedure will be a total elimination of the shadow sector of extraction of natural resources and the additional infusion of the state budget of all unpaid taxes. All companies who have no permits or violations show up in those design threaten large fines. In the future, the Zambian government plans to tighten control over the issuance of licenses in this area and draw up a full package of permitting documents only large corporations, whose honesty in doing business is not in doubt. And if earlier due to illegal mining of manganese, set on a large scale by local businessmen shadow some provinces of Zambia with large deposits of useful natural resources did not cause interest among foreign investors, but now the situation has changed somewhat. In recent years, several large foreign companies willing to invest finances in manganese develop and commit to mine valuable resource in full compliance with local laws. in the mining area to conduct a thorough audit will lead to the entire licensing system and relieve the state budget from large financial losses.

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