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Lead: metal deficit is observed in the world market

28 May 2014

According to data provided by the «International Lead and Zinc Study Group», since the beginning of 2014 there is a deficit of lead in the global market, the volume of which in January amounted to 31 thousand tonnes, while in the surplus of the metal last year amounted to 5000 tons. According to analysts' estimates volumes of refined metal smelting reached the mark of 887 thousand tons, the volume of consumption is accounted for 918,000 tonnes.

The company's analysts «BNP Paribas» suggests that the cost per lead by the end of this year will increase to 2,500 USD per ton, with an increase of this level will not stop. In addition, there is expert opinion that the demand for lead will increase by 5% in 2014, this figure will increase by 5% in 2015. As noted by representatives of the analytical services, in 2014 there will be a slight excess of that due to the limited supply will grow into a significant deficit. Despite the fact that the lead itself is only a by-product obtained in the extraction of other metals and industry are adversely effect its production environmental problems, it may require deliberate production.

Last year was a record year for imports of lead in the US — including alloys, its volume amounted to 496,000 tons, exceeding last year's figures of the same period by 41%, or by 144 thousand tons. According to data provided by the group «ILZSG», the volume of net imports amounted to about 20% of the total consumption of the metal in the US. During this period, battery manufacturers were willing to buy refined lead at unbelievable prices, given the increasing demand for automotive products, allowing to lead the market creates a deficit. If you look at the figures, then in 2013 with respect to the demand of refined lead rose by 4.5%, to 22 thousand tons exceeding the supply.

In late April, the company «Shanjin Silver & Lead Co., Ltd», China, the establishment of a new plant for the production of lead. Construction companies, whose annual capacity is 100 thousand tonnes, was carried out for about 4 years, investments in the project amounted to more than 200 million. Dollars. Located on the territory of a new plant, AR Inner Mongolia, county Balintszo, and his power is also designed to obtain zinc and copper. Now the company is connected to the mains, the equipment waits for commissioning.

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