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Lead in lipstick - fastest way to infertility

7 May 2014

The desire to appeal the fair sex is so great that sometimes in the name of beauty, they are ready to sacrifice not only their health, but also to future offspring. For cosmetic products may contain quite dangerous toxins that trigger the development of the female body infertility. Numerous studies have independent laboratories around the world have found that many, even some expensive cosmetic products may contain in its composition is very dangerous chemical components and heavy metals. For example, a lipstick, a tube which is necessarily present in every woman's handbag is often the content of lead and its compounds. Such a dangerous presence as the regular use of a tube of lipstick can cause not only allergic reaction or heart disease, and diseases of the vascular system. In some cases, it is the high content of lead in the female body health professionals directly associated with impaired fertility and inability to bear and give birth to normal healthy strong children. Furthermore lead in many industries fondant samples from different manufacturers revealed dangerous substances such as cadmium, and triclosan. The presence of triclosan, which is used by the manufacturer of cosmetic products as a preservative, prolonging the service life of lipstick, provokes the development of severe forms of heart disease, and causes a dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. Also dangerous substance affects the functioning of the female body, defining additional male hormone production. This problem is related to the menstrual cycle disorders, activation of hair growth in some parts of the body and metabolic disorders, obesity triggers. Some cosmetic companies have expressed an outcry against such disappointing results, citing their lack of confidence by saying that scientists put experiments on animals, whose reaction to the action of chemicals characterized by the interaction of the toxin from the body of the female half of humanity. Believe it or not the conclusions of the scientific community — a private matter, but to think it is worth. It is unlikely that regular contact with the lead or any other toxic chemicals contributes to the long full life and good health.

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