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The Russian market will be provided with beryllium 2016

12 May 2014

The companies «Metropol», belonging to M. Slipenchuk, the Russian company «Neftehimmash» and Kazakh State Corporation «Kazatomprom» signed an agreement on joint production of metallic beryllium produced on the basis of assets in Kazakhstan and Russia. This information was provided by ITAR-TASS General Director and co-owner of the company «Neftehimmash» M. Makarchuk. Conducting the signing of the necessary documents was confirmed by the ITAR-TASS news agency, however, to ensure that the project was started, it is necessary to carry out the final stage of the Trans-Baikal Mining bankruptcy.

Beryllium is a strategic material, a necessary link in the defense industry, and is used in the manufacture of nuclear engineering, in shipbuilding, in the aerospace industry for the manufacture of telecommunication equipment. According to M. Makarchuk, getting the ore will be in Buryatia on Ermakovsky field, licensed to MBC. The next stage — the processing of ore into concentrate, this procedure will be performed on the Trans-Baikal GOK, and the resulting product will be sent to Kazakhstan on Ulba plant for the subsequent production of the metal beryllium. According Makarchuk is nothing new in this production chain, it was created before the 90s and now you just need to play already developed metal manufacture. At the moment, the metal beryllium fully imported into Russia, whereas for the resumption of the manufacturing process will require about 200 million. Rubles, which will ultimately be much more profitable investment.

According to forecasts of management to the level of annual production amounted to 100 200 tonnes need from one year to one and a half years. At the moment, the cost of a kilogram of beryllium is 35−40 thousand rubles, so that in accordance with current prices total revenue is from 3.5 to 8 bln. Rubles. In general, the Russian beryllium market is estimated at 100−150 tonnes / year.

The first phase of the project is estimated at 1−2 billion rubles. — These funds will make it possible to produce about 100 tons of products, which costs about 4 billion rubles. Number of associated products produced, antimony, is 5 m. Tons in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles. The final terms of cooperation has not yet been agreed, the contract is currently still agreed.

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