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Inconel - a threat to the titanium

6 May 2014

The development of the metallurgical industry and the invention of new modern alloys for special purposes may be a threat to consumer demand for classical structural and strategic raw materials. If until recently, the pillar and foundation in the manufacture of silencers highest category is titanium, but now to replace it actively comes Inconel — unique alloy based on a successful combination of chromium and nickel. This conclusion was well-known company called Eisenmann GmbH, to use innovative raw materials in the production of a new generation of exhaust systems. Such systems designers automotive companies are planning to implement one of the latest models demanded car Audi. Besides that Inconel, used in the construction of muffler assembly allowed to reduce weight characteristics nearly forty percent, it also contributed to the increase in engine power of motor vehicles cash. High heat resistance and ability to maintain its original shape even with significant temperature allows the system to the muffler of this type maintain its original performance even when heated, reaching thousands of degrees Celsius. For comparison, it can be seen that the usual titanium muffler gets increased brittleness even at four hundred degrees heat. According to the manufacturer is now a new generation of automotive muffler based on Inconel successfully approves the European markets. However, the price for the CIS countries is still a mystery. The use of alloys based on nickel and chromium in the automotive industry is able to cause substantial damage to the titanium industry. After all, until now this sector was one of the main consumer areas for the use of titanium products on par with rocket, aviation and some other specific redistributions industrial complex. Therefore tycoons metallurgical enterprises corresponding direction somewhat concerned about the appearance of such a powerful competition. If the use of innovative materials, along with the increase of efficiency of machine parts will provide economic benefits in the price field, the classical automotive stronghold will have to give their consumer site. All the positive and negative aspects of the new decision only time will tell reliable and trouble-free operation of the system of modern muffler.

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