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"Kazzinc": the building is ready

13 May 2014

In Aktobe region on Kimpersaye Joint Stock Company «Kazzinc» zaplenirovano construction of a heap leaching of nickel. The production capacity of the future of the enterprise will make 500 thousand tons of ore per year; This was reported by representatives of JSC «Irgiredmet» after the end of the test for leaching of nickel ores with Kimpersayskih fields that have been ordered «Kazzinc». nickel concentrate obtained was more than 73% of the total. The results served as the basis for the development of technological regulations, aimed at designing the enterprise for heap leaching of nickel.

Local media, highlighting the work carried out, mentions that production at Kimpersaye planned to be launched back in 2010 by joint efforts of Kazakhstan companies «Asia Invest», «GRK Koytas», «Diana Alia» and «Kyzylkain Mamytov.» Also in this group of fields are showing increased interest in LLP «KazKoper». As a result, the project has found a partner in the face of «Kazzinc». Annual production capacity of the project is 116 tons of cobalt and 3.89 thousand tons of nickel, and the preliminary cost of the project -. 82.4 million USD.

According to data provided by the Government of Kazakhstan, deposits Kimpersayskoy group composed of 2 deposits, the Northeast and the Buryat with 39 sources of nickel ore. In the composition it contains 0.003% copper, 0.066% cobalt, 1.16% nickel and 2.08% chromium oxide. Total nickel ore Kimersayskoy group is 12,765,000. Tons, which contains 4.5 thousand. Tons of cobalt, and 98.3 thous. Tons of nickel. The upcoming merger of Xstrata and Glencore companies will not have a negative impact on «Kazzinc», although in the end this operation greatly affects the final balance of power in the commodities market. According to the analyst Artem AIRI Volodya is no reason to expect any pressure on «Kazzinc», in which Glencore owns 69.61%. On the contrary, the merger should provide an increase in the capitalization of the total share of the non-ferrous metal market. According to A. Volodya combined company is able to take a dominant position in certain sectors, which, however, does not give her a chance in the near future to make buying significant assets because there is still uncertainty in the global market for raw materials.

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