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Lead stability or net income of the harmful production

2 April 2014

Despite the numerous fluctuations in non-ferrous metals market, and the international metal exchanges, the lead position in this field strikes an enviable stability and firmness. Perhaps the reason for this situation was the high labor intensity and the harmfulness of dangerous metal production. After all, the development of new promising fields such raw materials associated with significant financial investments and significant environmental risks. Incidentally lead production last year was due to the reduction in the share of the industrial compartment by some major enterprises and a significant reduction proposals began to be felt in the market on an important construction material, which affected the growth of prices and availability of goods deficit on the metal market. However, the facts that are destabilizing the situation in the field of purchase, may play into the hands of producers remaining in the game. The full change in priorities felt the lead recycling plant in Donetsk region. At the end of last year, the company came out of Konstantinovka in plus and work with a profit of almost six million Ukrainian hryvnia. Moreover, the total assets of the complex is estimated by experts in almost two hundred million Ukrainian currency. If until recently, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy, but now a new success in encouraging management of the company and allow you to identify trends for the future. Over the past few years, enterprises gain the lead has increased by almost five times, indicating that the company's constant development and improvement of production technology. Along with lead semi-finished factory focuses on the production of zinc, tin, and recycling of metal waste recycled. Today, stable operation of this representative of non-ferrous metallurgy is of great importance not only for his native city, but also for the entire region, affecting the stability of the economic situation in Ukraine. Incidentally Konstantinovka measures has a vested interest in a stable and profitable operation of the company, because it is one of the shareholders of lead plant. According to plant management, in the current year PJSC «Lead» is not going to surrender their positions, in connection with which the company intends to further improve profitability.

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