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Aluminium for aviation

7 April 2014

Ever since ancient times, people have dreamed of flying freely and conquer the heavenly spaces, so the development of aircraft has always paid special attention. However, not all such attempts were unsuccessful, and the main problem in this area was the invention at the same time light, durable and well treated material. After many experiments with different raw material from wood, silk, linen and steel, finally, there was the very alloy that fully satisfy all the requirements of the aviation business. However, in the first stage of its development as a major aviation aluminum material rarely used in its pure form. Much more actively used magnaly, which is an alloy based on aluminum and magnesium share. Also lighter and stronger parts of such raw materials were used only in the form of individual components airborne equipment the main emphasis in the manufacture of the body portion of the designers still made of timber.

The situation radically changed in the twentieth year of our last century, it was then started becoming a strong aluminum as a base aircraft. Designers appreciate the durability and ease of simultaneous unique raw materials, and aluminum parts had considerable corrosion and temperature resistance, increasing their working capacity. After numerous experiments for the further development of the aviation industry there are completely new alloys as aluminum-based, and without its contents, such as heat-resistant and beryllium shares. Besides aircraft actively uses copper and a variety of compositions with its content. Modern aircraft use a variety of new materials and a new generation of compounds, which are invested in the development of all modern technology, however, aluminum is still losing its leading position in this field. Today, the aviation industry is one of the main applications of aluminum semi-finished products, although many other industrial compartments are showing increased interest in the unusual light and also very robust constructional raw materials. Also, aluminum is widely used in the automotive industry, in the construction of ships, missiles, and even in the interior design. After all, in addition to its high performance, such material has a very attractive appearance.

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