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Stainless steel and metallic elements - trend new fashion season 2014

1 April 2014

Industrial popularity of stainless steel, which is due to its high performance, is not going to any comparison with the relevance of such material in the field of high fashion. With the advent of the new season on the first display of its collections, many famous designers paid special attention to the metallic motifs in their models. By the way clothing ensembles applied to not only the elements of stainless steel fittings, and sometimes, the ensemble hit the imagination of visitors to the show fully metallized cloth. Especially popular today such specific shades like copper or platinum bright gold. To convey the diversity of metal palette designers use when designing their collections colors of a metal alloy after artificial aging.

For everyday wear metal as relevant, as well as for the festive wardrobe. It is very active in this season, various classic silhouettes made of cloth imbued with subtle metallic threads. As for the ornament, special attention should be paid to large cell or small patterns, such as crow's feet, decorated lurex. By the way, given the gloss and metallic look of new fashion fabrics, designers recommend to use in addition to a minimum of accessories and fittings. Another innovation this year — giving the notes a rigid steel materials, which include those not originally present steel fibers. So, it looks very elegant leather with small metal pieces or the whole pattern of the respective threads. Especially elegant design looks similar to the original handbags and shoes. And it is worth noting that in the context of various model lines restrictions for new items almost none. So the evening wardrobe, made in the style of flowing liquid metal, will not leave indifferent even the most stylish and sophisticated lady. Do not lose their positions brocade, though its design on metal motives are not too similar, but the overall concept is consistent with the appearance of new trends. Also in vogue again sequins, these decorative elements can decorate a skirt or trousers and elegant dress or casual jacket. A little fancy metal, along with the inspiration and the whole world will be at your feet this spring.

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