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Plastic or aluminum

21 April 2014

The urgency of aluminum in different compartments of the industrial complex is difficult to overstate. After all, this robust and manufacturable metal capable of withstanding considerable workloads of different nature, without weighing the design thanks to the light weight. Despite the crisis in the aluminum industry today, in the very near future, experts tipped flowering of aluminum production in connection with the expansion of the scope of the material and increase the output of dependent industries. By the way in addition to high-tech industries and aluminum, rather, firmly entrenched in our daily lives, both as various kitchen utensils, and under the guise of modern mobile devices. For example, a well-known company for the production of mobile phones HTC packed electronic heart of its new phone is in aluminum case. Popular model One M8, a brand new modern smartphone from this manufacturer has conquered the market not only a high degree of functionality and practicality, but also the original appearance, against the background of sufficient lightness. Some disadvantage to the consumer is only the relatively high price of mobile phone. The original model on the market can be bought for close to eight hundred and fifty dollars. After the presentation and testing of new mobile communications model makers decided to release a more affordable counterpart in the plastic packaging. By replacing expensive aluminum unit body on a cheap plastic version of the price of the device will decrease by almost half, making a purchase option for a very wide range of consumers. By the way, this substitution does not affect the functionality of the phone. Therefore, buyers have a free choice between aluminum and plastics without considering the performance of the phone. However, despite the availability of plastic models, such a decision is contrary to the basic concept of the NTS. Until recently, it was aluminum packaging modern smartphone favorably distinguished the company's products from similar products on the market other brands. What will win in the end, or the availability of the image, reliably judged only allow time and consumer opinion. Analysts very soon be able to know the result of rivalry between the classic aluminum and plastic in the new phone models from HTC.

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