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Aluminum terrorism

22 April 2014

More recently, aluminum production facilities Tajik TALCO plant became a springboard for the preparation of this terrorist act. The criminal group in advance of the beginning of the technical preparation of the awesome event, but was detained by law enforcement agencies, not bringing their bloody plan to the end. Service of Public Relations Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan said that the criminals, found a large number of explosives, such as TNT. Currently, the investigation team finds the individual members of the gang and their possible links to international terrorist organizations. According to some data among the detainees there are several employees of the aluminum plant. It is this support of the local population and allowed the bandits to freely enter the protected area of ​​the plant. The object is selected for a terrorist act is absolutely logical. After all, a well-known aluminum plant has a large enough weight not only in the city where located, but also in the context of the entire state, as well as the global community. After TALCO is active not only in the domestic market of the state, but also exports the necessary structural and technological materials to many foreign countries. In addition to the enterprise economic importance for the leadership of Tajikistan is the solid foundation that ensures the prosperity and welfare of the majority of citizens, realizing their right to work and decent wages. According to preliminary data communication the company's employees with the terrorists were able to trace an anonymous call that is ringing on the phone of one of the branches of the guards tranquility and order in the city. At this stage of the investigation a top priority MUP is figuring out objectives and possible links criminals. Then follow a set of standard procedures and sentencing in court. The fact that the punishment will be severe enough not to be doubted. The Tajik government does not intend to indulge in terrorism in the territory of their country, even if the criminals attempt to harm the civilian population failed. The strategic importance of the aluminum plant in this perspective there is no doubt, therefore failing to sabotage and the most severe punishment of those responsible should be a good example for the other gangs.

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