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Ukraine: decreased production of pipes

16 April 2014

According to reliable sources the major Ukrainian enterprises engaged in the production of pipes, in the first quarter of this year reduced the output of ferrous metals by 15.4% compared to the same period of 2013, which amounted to 337.1 thous. Tons. In March, production of pipes was higher than February's figures by 17.5%, amounting to 135.7 ths. Tons.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, in the first quarter of this year, output indicators pipes at Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant decreased from 47.5 thousand tons in the first three months of 2013 to 25.1 thousand tons. However, the average monthly volume produced is usually in the range of 30−35 thousand tons. Nevertheless, the production growth rate of pipes in March amounted to 15,700 tons, and the total volume of the two previous months amounted to 9.4 thousand tons. indicators of the company «Interpipe NTRP," also declined, falling from a level of 96.4 thousand. tons to 81.9 million tons, and «Interpipe NMPP» where data is replaced with a mark of 55 600 tonnes to 51 700 tonnes. Reduced performance and Mariupol Illich Metallurgical Plant name, replaced with 13.6 thousand tons to 11.3 thousand tons. However, the production figures in the company 'Interpipe Niko Tube «increased from 99,700 tons to 100,600 tons, while the company Lugansk in the first period of the last year and the same period this year, just idle.

Decreased performance on «Kominmete» Now the performance is estimated to 46.7 thousand. Tons, while earlier it was 51.7 thousand. T., The company LLC «Steel AG» data fell to 3.5 million tons against the previous 7, 2 thousand. Not encouraging and indicators Dnepropetrovsk Tube Works — where pipes release dropped from 18.5 thousand tons to 9.5 thousand. Slightly increased performance on «CENTRAVIS» — from 5000 tons to 5300 tons.

In general, global steel consumption this year is forecast to WSA may increase by 3.1%, amounting to 1.527 billion tons, while in 2015 this figure will increase to 3.3% and amounted to 1.576 billion. Tons. At the same time increased by 3.6% last year, steel consumption relative to 2012, which amounted to 1.481 billion. Tons. According to Jürgen Kerckhoff, who is chairman of the Economic Committee of the WSA, in the past year, the increase in consumption was higher than expected. Together with this there presently unanticipated risks related to political instability.

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