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Tin for the Tula samovar

31 March 2014

Who has not heard about the unique samovar manufacture in Tula. The peculiar device for tea produced here has become a real showcase of the region, which is known not only in the domestic spaces, but also far abroad. And the tea party flavored beverage prepared using the samovar became a real cultural tradition. Production of this machine has its own characteristics and personality traits, as well as different large enough labor-intensive. The initial preform for an unusual «teapot» is always served as a hollow copper sleeve, which first covered with tin, in its interior, and then carefully polished and subjected to other forms of machining. In the next stage of the samovar prepared a body equipped with handles, a tap and a few other elements. At the last stage of the handle products are equipped with special wooden covers, which have increased the use of the device comfortable and protects hands from hot metal parts. After final manufacturing and cleaning all components came time to decorate the surface of the Tula samovar. The most common decorative design includes hand-painted or rich inlay. The unusual design of a simple tool for tea translates it from housewares in a work of art. At present this product to the technology has changed and made less time-consuming process. For example, riveting replaced welded operation, and many of the production process stages are completely automated. However, mass production has not reduced the relevance of the unique Tula kettle. Almost every tourist buys a similar souvenir of visiting Russia. By the way domestic users are still using a samovar for its intended purpose, as aromatic beverage made in it, does not go to any comparison with the tea brewed in the usual electric kettle. Interestingly, the prototype of the samovar became a special device in China. The unit had a department-furnace, in order to maintain the fire and was used in the east, for brewing tea and cooking. In Russia the first samovars, also used as a portable kitchen, a fairground, during big festivals.

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