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Fidelity nickel Alexei Gordeyev

24 March 2014

The term of office of the Voronezh Region Governor expired twelfth day of March of this year. Due to the multiple conflicts and confrontations with the owners rich nickel deposits in Elkin and Elan have authorized person was not significant chance of re-election. After all, during the reign of the official husband constantly accompanied by a variety of scandals, and even several criminal cases, which brought the police on him. However, the position change and the adoption of a few wise decisions played into the hands of the well-known Russian politician. Now the Russian president's decree restored the former governor of the authority, however, with the addition of Acting. Perhaps a role in this decision was played by the promise of the former governor to abandon its uncertain position in the context of conflict and nickel intention to support the owners of large mining mining plant in the Urals. If until recently Gordeyev actively supported nickel protests, but now his focus on this issue is quite the opposite. Newly-born governor of the province took fully justify the geological exploration in the territory of the proposed nickel mining, and later promised to exert maximum efforts for the expansion of production capacities in mining ore complex.

Indulgence demonstrators who were trying to stop the production of harmful fossil on its territory and protect the health of the indigenous inhabitants of the region high power is not appreciated. Rather, the government accused the local government of sympathizing with the protesters. After all, the former governor and his team, not only did not stop the riots, but not criminal cases brought to the Cossacks, who in the full sense of the word defeated geological prospecting camp.

The opposition of a large company for nickel mining and environmental activists in the Voronezh area lasts more than one year. The indigenous population is opposed to the development of harmful production in the region. However, sovereign power is not shared by human disturbances and see, first of all, for the benefit of the state of development of new rich deposits of rare non-ferrous metals. Who is right and who is wrong in this conflict, only time will tell, and now with the support of the new governor of the old nickel production in Voronezh, plans to actively develop and grow stronger.

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