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"Uralelectromed": selenium on the production site reconstructed

19 March 2014

Is nearing completion of work on the reconstruction of selenium production area, carried out in the enterprise «Uralelectromed» chemical-metallurgical department. Currently works on finishing facilities in the metallurgical complex, and the ventilation system is installed. It is expected that the reconstruction of the area will increase the annual capacity of 110 tons to 140 tons of selenium.

According to Vadim Vorontsov, who is the head of the chemical and metallurgical department, the project successful implementation will provide an excellent opportunity not only to increase the production capacity, but also to ensure improved working conditions. Introduced into the production of modern equipment and automation control systems allow to eliminate many of the operations, previously produced manually employees — for example, overloading reactors alkaline conditioning and deposition of selenium. Experts «Uralelectromed» developed a new optimal scheme, equipped with Italian filter presses from the company «Diemme», new reactors and other advanced equipment.

This project was launched in 2012, over the past period, the company carried out a complete replacement of obsolete and damaged equipment, instead of which in manufacturing was introduced more than 20 units of modern equipment. Also completed commissioning and start-up, assembled and debugged for technological parameters control system, installed automatic local system, control immediately selenium deposition. This all works, regardless of the complexity of the non-stop production process.

Selenium, which produces the Open Joint Stock Company «Uralelectromed», according to its chemical composition more than meets the requirements and conditions, which imposes «European Chemicals Agency» (ECHA) and thus may be freely available in Europe for the smooth implementation of the European markets.

Applications of selenium — electronics (manufacture of semiconductors, solar cells and thermocouples), metallurgy (selenium gives alloys special properties), in the glass industry (to give a glass shades from pink to dark red, or for discoloration) in the manufacture of drugs, dyes and the like.

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