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Titanium frame for glasses - the latest development of modern optics

4 March 2014

Titanium Security for the human body is known for a long time. No wonder this material is widely used not only in shipbuilding or aircraft, but also in medicine and food industries. A new facet in the operation of such raw materials has opened a known optical company Ray-Ban his new line in the titanium-rimmed glasses. This product not only looks very modern and stylish, matching the spirit of our time. The main points of quality in a unique frame is a complete absence of allergic reactions, which is very important for certain categories of customers. Even young children are not at risk to get a nasty rash or itching, use similar devices for vision correction. An added bonus when purchasing these glasses is their light weight. Because titanium is almost half the weight of similar design from other classic material for the manufacture of optical frames. The same titanium structure is characterized by high measure of flexibility and is able to effectively resist the corrosive destruction, so that a new line of sunglasses Ray-Ban is very reliable and durable.

Titanium line is not the only novelty of the well-known optical company. Many collections of this manufacturer are very popular all over the world. A few years ago, this brand has introduced its fans unique of its kind optic line. All the frames for glasses in this collection were made of the original material containing carbon fiber called carbon. The range of products leader in the field of production of quality optical products is very rich and varied. Here, there are models of almost all modern stylistic trends of modernist line up frames in retro style. And the glasses are different not only in appearance or size of the lens, but also the size of the temples. Depending on the requirements the customer can choose a frame with the required length to him personally ear hook that increases the comfort of use of such products. Incidentally another highlight of the collection of Ray-Ban are undeniably products with anti-reflective lenses. If the original products of this area are popular among the pilots in the aviation sector, but today these products are highly relevant for a simple layman. Similar anti-glare devices effectively protect the eyes from UV rays, ensuring the safety of our vision for many years.

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