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New old lead battery life

4 March 2014

Battery Production car has not undergone major technological changes in a long time. Today, however, the power of this unit is not enough to cover all the new-fangled features of the vehicle. Therefore, manufacturers of such equipment were forced to look for new ways to solve complex problems and quickly enough to increase the capacity of the classic batteries. The experimental group had been working on the improvement of production technology obsolete batteries and study the effect of different chemical elements on the performance of the classic lead battery. And the experts were interested in all the operating parameters of the device, such as current, capacity and discharge rate. The most effective in this context has proved calcium. Adding this element into the battery space can significantly improve the performance parameters of the product and significantly increase its operational capacity. In addition, calcium supplementation increases battery resistance to multiple charging and high loads on the background of a good adaptation to low temperature operation mode.

The result of this work was the appearance on the market a new type of car batteries. These products are made by Korean manufacturers. American technology, which is used in the production process ensures high reliability of operation of the goods in a variety of climatic conditions. Moreover, the technical characteristics of the battery of this device is left far behind the lead of its progenitor. A very wide product range of products of this type makes it easy to find the right battery for cars and for trucks. Today, this type of product, brand Medalist, appeared on the domestic automobile market. High reliability and good performance of the product explains its popularity among vehicle owners. The unique properties of calcium in combination with the traditional lead-based make it possible to extend the temperature operating mode of the device minus plus thirty to fifty degrees. Moreover, all products of this type are equipped with reliable protection against fire and is very resistant to corrosion damage.

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