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The rise in price of nickel in 2014 is inevitable

3 March 2014

Due to a significant increase in demand for the majority of non-ferrous metals and closing several rich deposits of some kinds of raw materials, Barclays analysts predict that the banking system essential for such materials prices. Therefore, capital investment in the development and launch of new product lines in the field of ferrous metallurgy is considered to be a very promising direction in the light of present day requirements. On the other hand the price of oil and precious metals are beginning to creep steadily downward. Given this negative trend, it is not necessary to invest money in the production of gold and other metals of the group.

Especially wins in this situation nickel. Already in 2014 the price of this raw material will increase significantly due to supply shortages and growing demand for such goods. Such promising prospects of development of the nickel industry caused quite small inventory of this product. If you complete the picture for extending the application of the material and the production of new nickel-based alloys, the increased demand for it becomes quite natural. For further adds piquancy to the situation by the fact that Indonesia plans to ban the export product is an important technology in the very near future. Since today the State is the leader among the providers of such material to the countries of Europe, the European powers some concern is understandable and predictable. Despite the decline in nickel quotations for the previous year by almost 18 percent, from the first months of 2014 the situation promises to change radically, and had a very profitable for manufacturers of valuable product. However, it should be noted that the extraction of nickel due to the presence of many harmful and dangerous factors. Such production irrevocably destroys fertile soil and causes a very negative attitude of the indigenous population of the regions, where the ore mining and processing enterprises for extraction of non-ferrous metals.

In addition to nickel, an acute shortage of supply can affect aluminum and lead. Zinc production also declined sharply. Active trading is also observed in the copper sector. Considering all the above factors can be predicted increase in the cost of products in the field of ferrous metallurgy, and bet on the sustainable development of the redistribution of the industry.

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