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Modernization aluminum giant

26 March 2014

Corporation RUSAL, which is considered one of the leaders in the aluminum industry, not only in the domestic spaces, but also from the perspective of the entire world community always keeps pace with the times and to react to any changes in the economic situation. Against the background of the total fall in prices for most varieties of steel products and the constant fluctuation of non-ferrous metals market, the only way out of this situation, the company's management sees the decrease in the cost of production. To achieve this effect in two ways, one of which is a cheaper production technology, and the other — the use of cheaper raw materials. Since the decline of quality indicators of cheaper raw material base can affect the quality of the final product, the only way to maintain the competitiveness of the aluminum giant today is the use of new, more efficient technologies. Currently, the company's engineering staff initiated a large-scale campaign to translated a significant percentage of the production capacity of electrolytic aluminum enterprises in the processing method. electrolysis technology is less expensive compared to other similar processes and enable the company to save a lot of money. The first modernization to be two of the largest corporations of the plant, located in the Krasnoyarsk and Bratsk. For six consecutive years the company management promises to translate into a new mode of production, almost all of its power plants. In addition to significant economic effect for the electrolysis device have increased environmental safety and make the production of aluminum more harmless. Also, due to the presence in the bath for the process of electrolysis process smaller amounts of aluminum in liquid form, such production requires less investment of working capital, against the background of a significant increase in technical efficiency in many respects. For example, energy-saving features of the new product manufacturing method can reduce the initial cost of the finished product by nearly four and a half US dollars, based on each ton. Therefore, RUSAL is not going to stop at that level, he intends to continue to seek new alternative ways of aluminum production.

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